Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I am interested in knowing the environmental impact that cities have on the Earth. Well, I think I already have some pretty good ideas of what type of impacts cities cause to the environment. They are concentrated areas of pollution, so why are people so attracted to cities? I always find myself amazed when I listen or watch the news, especially in the summer, and they are telling you that the air quality in Charlotte or some other big city is unsuitable for young children and the elderly. They advise the city dwellers not to do any activities outside until a later time in the afternoon. I find that so terrible, who would want to live in a place where you couldn't even go outside during the daytime? I am wondering if this affects the people in the city. The air quality is so bad that they can't even go outside. It is inevitable though, when you have that many people living in one place, there is going to be excessive waste.
The idea here is what can be done to clean up cities. How can the planner of today not think about this situation. Environmental problems are becoming more and more apparent and people are beginning to see the impacts in their everyday lives. What can be done? I think the answer lies in designing a green city. Cities are such unnatural places. Why not make them more natural. I'm not thinking about adding a few parks, but to really change the whole idea that we have of cities today. The modern city we know of today will eventually evolve into something totally different, and the modern city of today will be the ancient cities of yesterday. We should focus on creating a city that meshes well with it's surrounding. Rip out the concrete and the asphalt, add more green. Utilize every inch of space. Discourage automobiles. It's a good idea, but needs more contemplation.


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