Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I feel like giving the movie, Delivered Vacant, a review. I liked the real life dilemmia that the movie was giving us, but I definantly felt like it was somewhat repetitive. By the time it was over, I was getting really tired of watching scenes full of angry citizens and council members gathered in one room trying to solve what seemed like unsolvable problems. Then again I found myself taking into consideration that this film took eight years to develop, and providing those repetetive scenes were necessary to develop the story and let people know what was going on. The main subject of the movie which was the gentrification of Hoboken was interesting, but I also enjoyed seeing the culture and life of the times. It was quite fascinating to wonder what the town is like now and where those people are and what they are doing now.
I have been reading websites and looking at real estate for the area of Hoboken and it looks to me that the gentrification of Hoboken has happened with the exception of a few places that provide affordable housing. The real estate in Hoboken is targeted towards city commuters who can afford the expensive rent. But I didn't really expect for Hoboken to remain affordable to those who lived there before the city folks migrated. Gentrification is not unusual around big cities like New York, many other places around New York had the same dilemma as Hoboken, Hoboken just got a lot of attention. There was this movie as well as a book about the gentrification of Hoboken.


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