Thursday, July 20, 2006

I had a random thought yesterday, yeah those happen a lot. This random thought was special though. Yes, special in the fact that it had to do with planning, on the other hand, not very special because I have been thinking a lot about the subject lately, it is just not common for ideas like that to pop into my head. Anyway, I don't even think that is a legitimate idea to have, and it probably will make no sense when written in word form. I always hate when I get really good thoughts and can't write them down, either I forget or I just can't spit the words out onto the paper or even the air. Oh well.
It was a random thought while in the scientific fiction state of mind. Weird, maybe, but I read this really good book a couple of months ago. It was entitled Dead Mars, Dying Earth. This book was a real eye opener, and it also speculated the possibility that there used to be life on Mars, Mars had the capability of supporting life, and eventually modern man could be able to colonize on the red planet. It sounds really crazy, but you never know. I wrote a paper a long, long time ago about the possibility of terra-forming Mars. Ok so let's say that Mars has been deemed suitable for human life. Scientists have been making trips back and forth, and it is time to start the colonization. Who will be the ones who make the decisions when it comes to actually laying out a system for this martian landscape. Planners of course. What a task! These people will be creating the future city that has had hundreds of years to be perfected on Earth. What will they do?


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