Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have been sitting here thinking about what to write about and I can't really think of anything. However, I did just have a good thought realated to planning and cities. One city in particular, New Orleans. The class I took last summer session, geography of NC, was very interesting in the fact that it was a NC geography class and we talked a lot about New Orleans. It made for very interesting conversation though. The questions many people had involved what is going to happen to the parts of New Orleans that were completely destroyed. I feel that planning will have a major influence in rebuilding the city.
While we may have lost interest in Hurrican Katrina and the devastation it caused, it still remains a big problem. Many places that we consider New Orleans were quickly repaired, money was no problem, and people got it back to working order in a quick manner. The problem lies in the places of New Orleans that were deemed undesirable in a sense. The houses of those who were in poverty and have no way of rebuilding. What can be done? Could this project lie in the hands of a planner? Could New Orleans take this idea of having a clean slate to its advantage or will it hang on to what was there and try to rebuild upon it. I feel like what structures are there should be cleaned up and preserved and those that are gone should remain gone, but something similar and beautiful and new should take its place. Everyone deserves a nice place to live. The only problem is funding. Who will provide the dollars to rebuild and preserve New Orleans?


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