Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've been thinking a lot about the whole idea of Zoning. It is such a sensitive subject. It just depends on who you talk to as to whether it is a good thing or not. I would think that zoning would not be necessary if everyone had good common sense and respect for other individuals. That, is definantly not the case on this planet. People hate and disrespect others all the time, and many have no common sense. So, zoning is definantly needed. There are, however, some instances in which zoning can be tuff for people in certain situations. Zoning can limit creativity most of all, as well as become a burden for those living in poverty.
In my neighborhood there was a very interesting situtation that was going on a couple of years ago that had to do with zoning. We live in the historic district of Hartsville, which is something that a town would like to preserve. With this in mind, they wanted to improve the zoning laws by restricting certain colors to be painted on houses, and keeping the appearance of your house nice, like no plastic windows or trash in the yard. Well, they had the meeting to vote on this thing that everyone was in agreement for. Then someone decided to speak up against placing these rules in the neighborhood. This person happened to be my dad. He had a good point speaking up for creativity, saying that people had a right to do whatever they wanted to their homes. So, they didn't place these rules in the neighborhood. Today, there is a pink house across the street from us and a very, very trashy house beside us. They are eyesores and annoying because we live right beside them, but we can't really say anything because of the choice my father made to fight for creativity. So, I respect that people have the right to do what they wish to their property, but then again, zoning can be a great thing when it comes to pink houses and trashy yards.


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