Monday, July 24, 2006

Today I was walking on campus and I noticed that behind the cafeteria they have been butchering some trees. It looks terrible now, the sun beats down on the ruins of the gym and just gives you a wierd feeling like you are stuck in the desert. Wierd, but why have they cut these trees down? But of course, they are building the cafeteria, at least I think so, which will probably be done after I graduate. Oh well, I just get to see the construction, and not enjoy the facility. I am just wondering why they had to cut down those big trees.
When planners are planning out what they are going to build and such, do they really take into consideration the landscape around them. Why can't they work around those beautiful old trees or work around them. I know somethings must be sacrificed in the process, but I am sure there are always other options and ways to build around natural things like that. I am going back to the concept of subdivisions. While watching the video I noticed that all of those houses all had nice green lawns. The american way is to have a green lawn. What about those subdivisions in areas of the country where a green lawn can't even exist naturally, but people have them anyway. Say places like Arizona or Nevada, when you are in the middle of the desert. Why can't people start working with what they have to work with instead of wanting what they can't have.


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