Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I was thinking about the negative reputation that this book gives to billboards. I admit, billboards are very ugly and most of the time they don't make much sense. The only really cool billboards around this area ( well not here, but in the south) would be the South of the Border billboards, and they used to be really cool and 70's retro, but they have gotten new ones that suck. Anyway, I was thinking that people can make restrictions and do all of that, but we must face the fact that billboards are key in advertising.
So why don't we just focus on this terrible thing and turn it into a good thing. Which brings up my main point. So, I was watching the science channel the other night, and it was one of those shows about new discoveries. Ok, get this, It was a billboard made of water. It was really cool, It works by shooting out a sheet of tiny, tiny microparticles of water that a picture is projected on. The water particles are so small, they don't even get you wet if you walk through the picture. If people keep on thinking like this, imagine what other types of alternatives to billboards we could produce.


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