Tuesday, August 01, 2006

On the subject of environmental planning, I think that it is very important that planners as well as all others need to be aware of the environment and understand the impacts that we have on the environment. After all, the environment it what has made this possible. This, meaning, mankind and our toys and our way of life. I wish that more people would respect our environment and try to take better care of it. Even though we have been warned about the negative impacts we have brought on, what will it take for people to change their lifestyles? Even as I look out my window I see huge gas-guzzling pick-up trucks, litter spread about the ground, many lights, and what looks to be the taming of nature by way of a park. A park in the middle of a sea of concrete and asphalt. Like a zoo, and the trees and rocks and the stream, those are like the animals. People go to this place to get away from the polluted modern life.
I like the fact that some people have actually addressed this problem and taken it to the next level by proposing things like the Clean Air Act and forming organizations. I mean, I can sit here and bitch about what is wrong with this world, but up until the point that I actually take action and do something to change it, it is really pointless to bitch. Taking action is the only choice we have to really make impacts and help bring our planet to stable condition.


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