Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So I took the intro to physical geography class last Spring, and our professor asked a very good question to make a very good point. So, what about medians? Well, medians are basically large areas of grasses and a bit of vegetation that seperates one side of the interstate from the other. So, what is this importance of these medians? Well, nothing really. They are useless. When he made this point I got really interested. This is because I never even thought about how much land medians take up. There are some pretty big ones around here.
So, after he made that point, he told us that if we just planted sawgrass in the medians here in the southeast we could produce enough ethanol to support the southeast. Isn't that a really good idea? We wouldn't even have to make room for new farmland, we could make do with what we had. There would be less pollution coming from cars, and more space to do other productive things on.


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