Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You know what I think, I think that agriculture land, used to grow crops on, should become a thing of the past. Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I think I have a good point in this argument. My father was a farmer and I grew up helping him in the fields, my first "real" job was cross pollinating cotton, "crossing" cotton. Before that my dad payed my brother and sister and me something like a dollar and hour. Yeah, it was tuff, but I think it was a good experience. Anyway, back to this point that I am trying to make.
So, if you think about this, growing the same type of plant in rows for many rows is so unnatural. Yes, you may be growing organic vegetables or something like that, but still. There is no place in nature that you could find that happening. Farming is an invention created by man. We should be preserving that land, instead of robbing all of the nurtients from it, only to make it sterile. We cut down forests for crop land. It is becoming a problem in Brazil, where valuable rainforest is being cut down for soybeans. We should really be focusing on alternatives to traditional farming, something that would take up less space, and help us have more space. After all , a main concept in planning is utilizing space.


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